My – No, Our Summer Introducion

For this book, it was the earliest I’d actually gotten out of bed, got dressed, and went for the computer to write in months. It was the greatest I’d felt emotionally in months, though not necessarily the best. There is a correlation there that explains why I write, but this isn’t about that. This is about Eddie.

Not my little brother, though I’m sure that is why his name was Eddie. No, this is about the scrawny eight-year-old Eddie… frail… sickly… blond hair, blue eyes… and probably the bravest person I feel like I’ve known in… a long time.

This started as a dream, could literally have been a sequel to “Stand By Me” the movie based on the novel by Stephen King – one of the ones that has the same title, and the same basic meaning though all the characters are different and they are in different parts of the world, even different periods in time. Right down to the narrator, which I swear was the same voice as in “Stand By Me”. So read on, with a bit of knowledge – the story, this dream, left me in tears in the early morning light that shone from my window. This dream tells the tale of a bunch of kids, being kids, and becoming heroes. It is supposed to bring a smile to your face as it brings a tear to your eye.

Ch. 1


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